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LNI Swissgas SA

46, Chemin de l’Etang
CH - 1219 Châtelaine / Geneva

Tel :   +41 22 979 37 24
Fax :  +41 22 979 37 20

LNI Swissgas, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is a leading European organisation in gas calibrators, blenders, generators and linearisation systems. 

The compagny developp, manufacture and sell products for Air Pollution Monitoring, Emission & Process, Automotive and Laboratories.


The product portfolio includes:

- High precision calibrators for gas applications

- Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen 19” rack generators for APM and CEM

- Hydrogen, zero air, and nitrogen generators for GC and LCMS applications

- Ozone Generators for low concentrations 


LNI Swissgas maintains ISO 9001 for corporate activities, research and manufacturing. In order to satisfy high metrological requirements, LNI Swissgas, has been working since several years with its own accredited ISO 17025 calibration laboratory.



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