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01.03.2017 : Sonimix 3080 Slim2U

A new generation of hydrogen and air generator in 19" format

February 2017.

LNI Swissgas is proud to announce the 2nd generation of his dual generator hydrogen + air on a 19" format: the Sx30802U. This new version has been enhanced in many ways: enclosure, reliability, and safety. It is dedicated, but not only, to field FID devices where high purity gas sources are required for full analytical performances with low background noise and very low detection levels.
The first improvement is a reduced volume of 30% by reduction of the device height. This is important when size is a key factor for field locations like for mud logging application in the oil industry. The second set of improvements is related to the water management with a closed loop combining online deionization and filtration. In order to avoid airborne contamination a set of filters installed on an external water tank keeps the water at the highest purity. This impacts directly increase significantly the lifetime of electrolysis cell, because of this the warranty time of this part is now 30 months.


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