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You are ISO 9001? Are your instruments certified ?




LNI Swissgas SA has an ISO 17025 accreditated Laboratory for flow measurements and has a large number of analyzers to provide a calibration certificate as well as analytical checks.


The available instruments are:

  - A set of MOLFLOW/MOLBLOC flow meters (1 Nml/min to 30NL/min)

  - Humidity, pressure and ozone references

  - Specific analyzers : O2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbons, VOC, Ozone

  - These instruments are of course regulary linked to the national standards





Most of the time, SONIMIX calibration gas calibrators and dividers are used by our customers for metrology purpose. In order to satisfy expected high metrological requirements, LNI Swissgas has since several years an accredited ISO 17025 metrology laboratory. It allows the measurement and calibration of flow, the calculation of dilution ratios as well as the determination of their uncertainty.
Our accreditation is universally recognized under the mutual acceptance label ILAC ). Members of the ILAC are for instance:  COFRAC (France), SAS (Switzerland), UKAS (UK), ACCREDIA (Italy), DAKKS (Germany), etc.
What are your benefits?
•    Time saving and cost efficient calibration directly from the manufacturer for new and existing calibrators
•    Extensive know-how of our own instruments guarantees most precise calibration and upgrade if necessary
•    Reliable identification of metrological performances for your device
•    Delivery of a calibration report with uncertainty analysis throughout the whole dilution range
•    Calibration operations done by our audited technicians
•    Undisputed measurement certificates of delivered devices
•    Mutual recognition arrangements (MRAs), enable test and calibration data to be accepted between countries

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